About Flebu

Since 1955 Flebu has provided high quality centrifugal fans, silencers, dampers and related steel products to the global industrial power industry, maritime and offshore industry.
High quality fan solution combined with professional workmanship on all levels ensure that Flebu lives up to our brand motto "Performance Guaranteed”.

The Flebu Group consists of our parent company Flebu International in Sandvika - Norway with subsidiaries Flebu Svenska in Växjö - Sweden, Flebu Finland in Tampere – Finland, and Flebu Eesti in Tallinn - Estonia.

The maritime fan range includes:
- High pressure combustion air fans solutions for Inert Gas Generator systems.
- Air and Inert gas fans for Inert Gas systems (IGS).
- Exhaust Gas Fans for Exhaust Gas Cleaning systems (EGCS) for SOX emission reduction.

Our industrial fan range includes fans for both clean and dust-laden gases; fans for high concentrations of dust, fans for abrasive or adhesive dust; and fans for highly corrosive and high-temperature gases. The industrial fans can be supplied for most processes and installation conditions, such as the power, pulp and paper and steel works sectors.

During it's time in business, Flebu has delivered nearly 14 000 fans. Several of the original fans are still in operation.
Our production facilities are based at Flebu Eesti OÜ in Tallinn - Estonia is the group's main manufacturing, testing and R&D center.
In order to meet our customers increased demands for quality and operational reliability we have invested in heavily in production equipment, R&D projects and in engaging and training qualified operational and production staff.
Flebu meets the major international welding standards including ASME IV.

Flebu Eesti is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified by “Det Norske Veritas” - DnV.

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