About our Service

    Flebu provides the following services, repairs and troubleshooting world-wide:

  • Vibration & Frequency Spectra Analysis

  • Field Balancing

    Flebu offer impeller field balancing at site. Impeller balancing will reduce vibration levels and secure increase lifetime of all related static and dynamic components.

  • Alignment

    Laser alignment will secure correct alignment between the motor and fan shaft with following benefits:
    a) Quite Running Fan
    b) Low Vibration Levels
    c) Increased life-time of all related static & dynamic components

  • Animation

    In very challenging cases, an animation will show how the rotating machinery is acting. By using our Vib-Shape program we can create a simulation model of rotating equipment e.g fans. This animation can be carried out when the rotating machinery is in operation. In case of critical shut-down we will apply vibrator & amplifier animation. By using these methods it, is possible to identify which part of the machinery which needs reinforcement or rectification.

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