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Maritime & Offshore Industry.

About our Maritime & Offshore Industry

  • Wide Range Of Products

    Flebu produces and manufactures a large range of products which are perfectly suited for the maritime and offshore industry. We offer a large variety of products, more information of a specified products can be seen by clicking of one of the products on the left side.

  • Tailor-Made

    The maritime and shipping industry is unique. Requirements are always vessel-specific and the demands on compactness, reliability and performance are extremely high.

  • High-Quality & Reliable

    If a fan breaks down, a vessel can be delayed in port for days costing the operator millions of dollars in charges and lost revenues. This is exactly why contract manufacturers and shipyards worldwide have been fitting Flebu fans for decades. They know that they can rely on the Flebu name as a mark of quality throughout the lifetime of the vessel.

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